At Empire we have a strong belief that its important to go the extra mile, CONNECT with our clients and understand their needs.

We work incredibly hard to ensure we not only achieve the best possible price for you but also ensure the process is unique, PERSONAL and within optimum time frames.

Market intelligence, marketing initiatives and diverse marketing techniques allow us to present your property to the widest market possible, and from there we ensure we ENGAGE with your potential buyer and negotiate a successful sale.

Selling your property is all about you and YOUR home, by going BEYOND more than 80% of our business is repeat referrals.

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Auction or setting an asking price? There are different methods of sale and choosing the most appropriate method is important to discuss with your agent, the property, your expectations, your preferred time frames and the market are all important factors on choosing the right method.


Listing an asking price or requesting offers or expressions of interest can be more appealing to buyers, as the process is less intimidating and easier to understand. The property is advertised and a series of home opens are conducted till an appropriate offer is accepted. Private sales are attractive to buyers but can take longer as there is not the same sense of urgency compared to an Auction or Fixed Date Sale. This method of selling can provide both the Seller and Buyer considerable flexibility in relation to the conditions of sale. Each written offer to purchase can be negotiated to provide an ideal outcome for all parties.


We recommend selling by Auction if the market is strong or your home has a unique quality that is difficult to put a precise value on. Auction is recognised as an effective way of creating broad public interest, achieving maximum publicity and reaching a large number of prospective purchasers. After a set series of home opens over a 4 to 5 week period, you set a reserve price with your agent (the minimum price you will sell your property for) and the agent conducts the auction on the specified date. There are laws for conducting an auction, so it is better left to a professional! If bids don’t reach your reserve price, your agent may negotiate with the highest bidder on your behalf.

Auctions can result in a higher price for your property as there can be a sense of urgency and competition amongst buyers, however the prospect of an auction can also put buyers off. It’s important to discuss with your agent what the best way to sell your property is for you.


You and your real estate agent work out a price range for your property, prior to it being advertised and shown. The agent conducts a series of home opens and buyer appointments and invites prospective buyers to formally submit their best offer, which must be received by a specific date and time. After the set date, your agent will collect and present the offers to you. You can choose to accept the highest offer, enter negotiations or re-list the property if your desired price is not reached.




It’s joy to come into Empire’s office

Empire is professional in every facet, it’s a joy to come into the office and pay my rent because of the personalities of the people and staff are so helpful and really understand peoples needs and what is required in a real estate situation like I was in. I found them to be totally excellent in every way. Thank you. (See John's video testimonial)

John Chamberlain

Property manager for quite a number of years

I'm quite happy with Empire as they've been my property manager for quite a number of years especially Jamie and her team that is very approachable.

N & A Tan

The great work Gavin has done in selling our Midland property

Hi Jamie. I hope you are well. Firstly, I just want to put in writing the great work Gavin has done in selling our Midland property. He has been very transparent and efficient. I would also like to praise Dani for all the work she has done over the years managing our property – she has been extremely professional. Thank you and speak soon.

M & I Kruger

Helpfulness and professionalism always

I have to tell you that I have been dealing with Sian for at least 18 months now and I have to say that she is a real asset to your organisation. Thank you Sian for your helpfulness and professionalism always. Kind regards

 J Mobbs 

Absolutely bliss to have you as our property manager

Thank you for your help Kylie. You have been absolutely bliss to have you as our property manager. Regards

Parmeet & Savleen

Property managers Kylie Hall done such a fantastic job looking after us

I just want to send you a quick email to commend one of your Property managers Kylie Hall. Kylie has been my property manager for nearly a year now and has done such a fantastic job looking after us all. When there were problems such as no gate and no internet she went out of her way to get these issues resolved quickly and efficiently. Kylie should be congratulated an recognized for her hard work and fantastic customer service. Kind Regards,

H Dodwell

Empire estate has replied me on New Year’s Day

I'm surprised by how actively Empire estate has replied me on New Year's Day and took their time out to explain to me what went wrong with my strata complex and the strata levies. They help me to understand how levies work and especially making suggestions, even though they do not manage the strata complex. It is hard to find genuinely good people who care. I do highly recommend Jamie Horner, Salina Ng and her team for taking the time out of their busy schedule to explain what went wrong. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team in helping those in need. I wish I have known them earlier.

A Pui

Empire management and follow-up is well above what we experienced.

Our body corporate has been with Empire for the past few years and compared to the other agents their management and follow-up is well above what we experienced with our previous Body corporate company.

L Bromley

Empire will always be on time to send me reminders, email updates and what is happening

Empire is much better than other agencies. Empire will always be on time to send me reminders and email updates on what is happening. There is no need to chase them, unlike most strata managers.

M Lee

far more proactive with the management of our property than previous Strata Managers

As Strata Managers you have certainly been far more proactive with the management of our property than previous Strata Managers.

D Hiscock



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