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Anja Crute

Senior Property Manager

Full of laughter and always ready to help, Anja is a key member of the Empire Property Management team.  True to the powers of her alter ego, Lara Croft, Anja has a captivating personality combined with strength and intelligence that enables her to venture into all situations with a can-do positive attitude.

Striving to always be better and exceed expectations, added to the satisfaction she gains from meeting different people from different walks of life and cultures and helping others, is not dissimilar to that which drives Lara Croft to traverse the world with fearless strength, a will to succeed and courageous determination.

As a Senior Property Manager, a role she holds with real passion at Empire, Anja looks after the ever-changing needs of Owners and Tenants alike and has so over a 28 year period.

Like alter ego Lara, Anja has hidden powers that come to bear when required to help other team members or clients through a tough situation. Her drive to deliver combined with her love of working with people and supporting and nurturing them for the best results make her a real superhero to Empire clients.

When not at the Empire office or venturing into ancient tombs and hazardous situations with gusto, Anja likes to head to the beach, do gardening, exploring the world on mini adventures, cooking and most of all spending time with her family.

pm3@empireestateagents.com  Phone: (08) 9262 0400