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Ann-Marie Johnson

Senior Sales Associate

After nearly two decades in real estate, Anne-Marie has the uncanny telepathic ability to see what is coming, much like X-Men alter ego Jean Grey. This skill enables her to keep clients satisfied and meet their needs often in advance or, at the very least, as soon as possible once they have voiced their thoughts.

Anne-Marie gets great satisfaction out of building ongoing relationships with clients and ensuring they receive the best service. This has made her a strong voice for Empire and everything the company stands for.

A natural leader with excellent communication skills Anne-Marie has so much in common with Jean Grey it is a marvel that her undercover identity has not been revealed. When not fighting for equality or addressing the needs of her clients Anne-Marie likes to spend time with her family and friends and can often be found enjoying the many beautiful waterways of WA on her boat.

ajohnson@empireetateagents.com Phone: (08) 9262 0400 Mobile: 0416 011 161