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Anna Jayadeep

Strata Manager

Part Supergirl, part Kara Danvers… Anna is Empire’s Strata Management humble hero, approachable and kind-hearted like Kara and ready to be your superhero in a moment’s notice (without the need for a phone booth change!)

Using her alter-ego’s ability to fly and see and hear everything, allows Anna to tackle with ease whatever situation is thrown at her. In less time than it takes to say “Up, up and away” Anna uses her abilities to fly above and analyse the situation, cut through the mess and deliver clear, concise, and win-win outcomes for all her Strata Owners.

Supergirl has a love for humanity, which Anna embodies in her love of people, coupled with being resourceful and persistent makes an unstoppable combination. On any given day when liaising with Anna, you will be drawn to her warmth, willingness to go the extra mile and ability to always be strong, optimistic and assist others to follow their true north.

Anna’s powers are a tool to do good, no matter how big or small the issue or the size of the strata complex, she guides her Owners through obstacles with empathy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment. Anna faces challenges head-on and with a curious nature and never give up attitude, which makes her ideally suited to her role as Strata Manager at Empire.

When her cape isn’t on, you will find Anna spending quality time with her partner or on the phone connecting with family, just like her alter-ego, home and family is always in her heart. Every superhero needs to re-charge and other thing close to Anna’s heart is food and most importantly cake, you will regularly find Anna obsessing about cake, cooking, relaxing in front of the TV or planning travel.

Email: strata@empireestateagents.com

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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