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Driven by Daniela

Benito joined real estate as part of the family identity. Although he is still young, he likes working with his dad Enrico, driven by Daniela.

"I work with Daniela and I'm so glad I got her. She's much more like me than any of the other agents. Daniela doesn't mind a bit of mess and she pumps up the tunes so we can sing along to the top 40 as we zip around the city streets. She's also happy to switch up to some punk rock when the time is right.

I do find speed limits frustrating at times. And road works. It's hard to keep my super speed in check all the time but my parents are worried that I'll blow our cover and Daniela thinks I'll get her demerit points. I don't think she realises that wouldn't happen as I'd be too fast to be seen."

Like any young car, Benito has a mischievous side to him, but he has a big heart and cares very much for the safety of other road users. Although he sees real estate as a 'family thing', we think that in time he will find it suits his personality perfectly.

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