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Changing to Empire is easy, once you have contacted us and have decided to utlise our services we will run through the following steps:

  • We will run through the details on your current Managing Agent contract to see if you are still in a fixed management term. If you are in a fixed management term there are two options
    • Option 1 – Wait for the contract period to end/ notice period to finish and we will then arrange to pick up the paperwork and keys from your old agent at the expiry date
    • Option 2 – Pay out the current agents management fees and come across now.

If you choose this option, we will manage the property for free so you are not paying two management fees.

  • We will assist you in organizing a letter/email to your current Agent terminating their services
  • After you have sent a letter/email to cease your current Agents services we will do everything from there
  • We will send you agent notice that we will be managing the property and will request tenants details
  • We will call your tenants and advise that we are the new managing agent and arrange for rent payments to be made to us from the changeover date and email and post a welcome pack of information
  • We will collect all relevant documents needed from your current Agent on the handover date including keys

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The team at Empire have always been highly professional and wonderful to work with - they have sold 3 of my houses and I got the price I was looking for. They provided expert advice so that my properties were sold quickly and with very little hassle!

C D’Castro

Organised, efficient and friendly team.

T Van Maanen

After attending many home viewings, Kylie Hall was a stand out property manager. Her professionalism and warmness just added to the fact she was managing the ideal place I was looking for.

Beth Rivers

We just wanted to express our sincere gratitude to Kylie Hall (Senior Property Manager, Empire Estate Agents Team) for making our stay pleasant, great and memorable in our house leases in Maylands. Kylie Hall has been the best property manager from the way she fondly treated my family and I. She always made sure to respond promptly to problems at the house and provided the best services. We were very comfortable, and we can't thank you enough. I proudly give 5 stars for their kind services. Thank you very much, and I hope to keep in touch in future.

Sadiq Nawaz

I have nothing but great things to say about the team at Empire. I feel very comfortable leaving our property in their capable hands.

K Shorthill

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