Charles X

Driven by Anje Crute

Professor Charles Xavier joined Empire with Storm to establish the X-Men team, with vast telepathic abilities and mind reading, there is no-one who understands ‘cruise’ control better. With the ability to perceive the thoughts of others or project his own thoughts within a radius of approximately 400km, Charles and Anje have all areas of Perth covered. When meeting clients throughout Perth, Charles and Anje work as a team and are focussed and driven, always promoting the greater good, peaceful co-existence, and uncompromising service to ensure their clients' dreams come to fruition.

Born with a superhuman ability and being one of the strongest and most powerful telepaths, continually challenging his mind is key, the radio plays the thoughts of some of the most influential minds for continued learning and together Anje and Charles travel all across the world to expand their horizons. Radio Classics, hitting the beach and long drives, a nice white wine and catching up with mates are how the great mind relaxes and recharges.