Haylee Robinson

Trust Accounts & Administration

Always ready to help, Haylee is often the first person you will speak to on the Empire team if you call the office directly. True to the powers of her alter ego, The Flash, Haylee has super speed combined with strength and an intelligence that enables her to power through tasks with efficiency and precision.

The satisfaction she gains from creating order, resolving challenges and hitting targets in the office is not dissimilar to that which drives The Flash to follow up on new technology and advancements in investigative procedures. Like alter ego The Flash, Haylee has hidden powers that come to bear when required to help other team members or clients through a tough situation.

When not at the office or fighting crime as superhero The Flash, Haylee likes to spend time with her partner and her dogs, playing sport, exercising, gardening and just relaxing ready for another day of hard work ahead.

admin@empireestateagents.com  Phone: (08) 9262 0400