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Kylie Hall

Senior Property Manager

Kylie has been working in real estate for a decade, with more than half of that spent working with the committed team at Empire. We are not sure whether her skills for multitasking influenced her role as Spiderman or whether it was this alter ego that lent itself to her ability to juggle multiple tasks to great effect.

Either way, Kylie is skilled at managing all the elements of property management and is known for her ability to manage property renovations, love of photography and for advising property owners all with a smile and an efficient manner.

When not at work you will find Kylie camping, having a BBQ or at the beach spending time with her partner, dog, family and friends. In those odd moments when she seems to disappear, don't be surprised to find her making good use of her super powers to move properties into more appealing locations.

pm1@empireestateagents.com  Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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