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Adam Carlino

Property Management Assistant

Motivated and always ready to help, Adam is a key member of the Empire Property Management team. True to the powers of his alter ego, Batman, Adam is always focussed on ensuring he delivers the best service delivered through harnessing his strengths and intelligence which enables him to venture into all situations with a can-do confidence and attitude.

Adam is always keen to learn as he strives for excellence and focusses on ensuring he is ready to help his Property Management team members. The added benefit of Adam’s diverse role is that it allows him to travel each day to help others, not dissimilar to that which drives Batman to ensure the citizens of Gotham are kept safe from evil and other Jokers.

As a Property Management Assistant, in an industry Adam has been passion about for many years, he is able to focus on going above and beyond and to do what is right for people. When the going gets tough he knows he can draw on the support of all members of his team, similar to how Batman can call on his trusty sidekick Robin and the ever-present support from Alfred.

When not at the Empire office or protecting Gotham City, Adam has many hidden talents and interests that include playing soccer at a high level, eating out at restaurants, collect vintage sport merchandise and watching movies.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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