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Annissa Buckby

Assistant Property Manager

Always ready to help, Annissa is a key member of the Empire Property Management team. True to the powers of her alter ego, Spider-Gwen, Annissa has a helping nature combined with strength that enables her to venture into all situations with a can-do confidence.

As Spider-Gwen, Annissa believes in fighting off any dilemmas our clients may have with her agility and spider-senses. As Gwen Stacey, she uses her intelligence and kindness to maintain client wellbeing and satisfaction.

Having been a freelance ultimate operative of the Empire team for over 3 years, she is always helping our team by actively learning and training, and solving problems with efficiency and skill. As a Property Management Assistant, Annissa is able to focus on going above and beyond for all of our clients.

When not at the office or exploring the multi-verse as Spider-Gwen, Annissa likes to spend quality time with her dog Zeus or hanging out with her family. She loves ending her day snuggled on the couch with a book, but won’t hesitate if you suggest watching anything related to Star Wars!


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