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Brianna Rosich


Part Catwoman, part Selina Kyle… Bri has the determination to complete any task as quickly, and as efficiently, as possible. As the first person you will speak to in our office, Bri ensures that all of our clients, landlords and tenants alike, are catered for.

Like her alter ego, Bri is always ready to be resourceful and efficient when required. From answering your phone calls to working alongside Batman for the greater good, there is never a moment where Bri isn’t ready to take action.

Whilst Bri wouldn’t hurt a fly, she is still a self-made woman who loves a challenge; not dissimilar to her clever alter ego. Her confidence allows her to carry out our administration tasks flawlessly, giving everyone she meets the best experience.

Using Catwoman’s ability to deliver precise, speedy and agile attacks, Bri is able to swiftly analyse and deliver outcomes. Her vivacious personality, paired with her sense of humour, is a lethal combination when it comes to making visits within the office.

When the catsuit isn’t on, you will find Bri spending quality time with her super large family or on coffee dates with her very own Bruce Wayne. Due to every superhero needing to re-charge, Bri likes to go to the gym - and also likes sneaking in an episode or two of Married at First Sight.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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