Daisy Allen

Property Manager

Daisy is Marvel’s Hawkeye!…Empire’s Property Management humble hero, not born with a superpower (not that you would know!), she has worked hard to hone her skills until they are completely mastered.  Daisy has taken on Property Management like a true skilled tactician and believes in continual improvement, like Hawkeye, she is an asset to her award winning super hero team.

Using her alter-ego’s attention to detail allows Daisy the ability to zero in on the details and make sure everything is in order, nothing has been overlooked, and every task is completed to a high standard.

Her love of Property Management aligns well with her superheroes high moral compass allowing her to maintain strong client relationships and align with the Empire ethos of ‘clients for life’. Daisy like Hawkeye is about precision, speed and focus. In the battles, its not only about helping out the team with crazy accuracy from a distance…but often getting into the thick of it all, getting your hands dirty with the team…so I think we could say she’s a mean multitasker too. Loving the ever-changing Property Management landscape and always being on-the-go, ready to tackle with ease whatever situation is thrown at her.

Hawkeye has a love for humanity, which Daisy embodies in her love of people, coupled with the ability to remain on task, with focus and care, and the ability to be aware of everything else going on to always have her Empire team’s back.

Being on the other side of real estate transactions drew Daisy to Property Management, and when coupled with astonishing talents in precise penmanship, teamwork and family inspiration, makes an unstoppable combination.

With a multitude of hidden talents (of which of this reserved hero is not willing to disclose), its fair to say when she is not handling tasks with precision she can be found buried in a great book,  writing, gardening, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix, drinking coffee, eating ice-cream, planning travel and having fun with her friends and family.

pm1@empireestateagents.com Phone: (08) 9262 0400