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Daryl Hartman

Senior Strata Manager

After more than fifteen years in real estate, Daryl has a warmth and natural love of helping people, combined with a determination to never give up, like her alter ego Batman. Daryl thrives on the ability to adapt, making good use of her character’s precision gadgetry as she moves from strata dispute to resolution with ease.

Regularly organising and chairing our Strata Management meetings, her knowledge, natural open-minded approach to work and her unwavering patience has made her ideally suited to the role. Daryl gets great satisfaction in working with different people, building ongoing relationships with her strata clients and ensuring they receive the best service. This has made her a strong voice for Empire and everything the company stands for.

Daryl draws on her alter ego Batman to ensure that she remains calm and can handle potentially volatile situations with confidence skill and control. Always there when needed, Daryl sees all, has a strong belief that everything can be resolved or fixed with good communication fairness and trust. When added to a love for constant learning, drive to deliver only the very best results and excellent control over her domain, creates a formidable Strata Manager combination.

A natural leader with unwavering belief in justice and honesty, Daryl has so much in common with Batman it is a marvel that her undercover identity has not been revealed. When not fighting for equality or addressing the needs of her clients Daryl likes to spend time with her granddaughter, family and friends or creating floral wizardry at Flowers & Flour.


Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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