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Detecting Water Leaks & Urgent Water Leaks

Do you have a water leak at your property? Leaks can be extremely wasteful and costly. Regularly checking taps, pipes and fittings around your property could save precious water and precious money!

I have an urgent water leak

If you have an urgent leak then you need to go to the stop tap located on the water meter and turn it off. This is usually located at the front of the property in line with the letterbox and is usually near one of the properties side boundaries. If you are in a Unit or Apartment, your meter may be connected to the main water meter and it may be near your front door or in a service cupboard.

If you cannot find the water meter you can contact the Water Corporation to assist you on 13 13 85.

You may need to use this tap when an urgent/large leak is present, however, it is not a long-term solution and you need to contact your Property Manager so we can organise a plumber to attend to the leak.

Detecting Slow / Smaller Leaks

Where shall I look?

Inside the home:

Look in the kitchen, bathroom/s and laundry for dripping taps or leaking washing machine and dishwasher connections. Damp patches on the walls may also indicate a leak.

Outside the home

Look around your garden and external at:

  • outdoor garden taps/hoses

  • garden irrigation/reticulation (including sprinklers)

  • automatic solenoids and manual isolation valves

  • exposed pipework.

  • check your hot water systems and air conditioning units.

Also, look for damp and unstable brick paving and garden areas that may be moist and greener than expected.

How can I detect a Leak?

Step 1: Ensure no water is being used in your house (turn off all water appliances, such as washing machines and evaporative air conditioners). Turn of all taps, except the stop tap next to the water meter and at the toilet.

Step 2: Read the black and red numbers on your meter. Record the black numbers from left to right.

Step 3: If the dial is not visibly moving, take another reading after 15 minutes.

Step 4: If the red numbers have changed, the test confirms there is a leak and further investigation is needed.

What to do if you detect a leak?

Contact your Property Manager to discuss the steps you have taken and the meter movement so that a Licensed Plumber can be organised.

Can I be rebated/refunded for a leak?

The Water Corporation may offer a leak allowance if you have had undetectable leaks repaired by a licensed plumber or by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator if it was the reticulation.


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