Donna-Maria Furneau

Property Manager

Donna-Maria is Marvel’s Black Widow!!.....Empire’s quiet and unassuming hero, not born with a superpower (not that you would know!), and doesn’t need a fancy suit of armour or a magic hammer to be a factor. She uses her wit, training and intelligence to make things happen and get the job done. An asset to her award-winning super hero team! All these factors are things that she would love to continue to develop as they so closely align with her personality and professional strengths and are essential to help you stay grounded and keep moving forward.

Her love of Architecture and Property Design fuels her eye for detail in properties she inspects and leases, which enables her to build and maintain strong client relationships with owners and tenants through demonstrating a genuine care for the properties. It also strongly aligns with and enables her to contribute to the Empire ethos of ‘clients for life’.

With a multitude of hidden talents (of which of this reserved hero is not willing to disclose), it’s fair to say when she is not handling tasks with precision, she can be found enjoying her favourite past time of taking long afternoon walks, reading or playing the guitar.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400