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By Sian McDonald

“It’s always easier to do the job right, the first time”

Accessing and using the correct form

Collect a rental application form from the property manager at a property viewing, or ask them to email it to you if you’d like to pre-fill it in before the viewing. It’s always better to use the application form that the agency advertising the property uses, so double-check. The application process varies from agency to agency but the majority of the time, the required documents and information will be the same, such as completing the form in full and attaching personal identification and employment details.

Take the time to read the form It’s important to read through the rental application form first, not only to understand what is required from you but also so you have an understanding of what you are signing. REIWA’s Application to Rent Residential Premises will be the standard form used by most real estate agencies in Perth and the covering page will normally be customised for that specific agency. The cover page will list everything they need to process your application.

Filling it in

On the rental application form, you’ll need to specify the lease term (eg. 6 or 12 months), the weekly rental amount you are offering, how many people will be living in the property (including their ages) and if there will be any pets kept at the premises. The details for each person over 18 that is going to be living in the property needs to then be completed. These details are:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Photo identification

  • Secondary form of identification

  • Proof of current address

  • Proof of current income

  • Contact details (phone number and email address)

  • Current and previous addresses

  • Employment details

When providing details of the current and previous address, so make sure to include the period you have resided in the property, name and contact number for who you pay rent to (even if you are living at home) and the reason for leaving. Try and fill this section out the best you can.

Who is on the lease?

If you are going to be the person stated as being responsible on the lease, but there will be others occupants living in the property, then they are also required to fill in the application form accordingly and add their supporting documents too. Whilst you or another person may be the person responsible for the official lease documentation, it is important that the owner/agent is aware of any other occupants that will be living in the property.

If you don’t fill in the application correctly or forget to attach the supporting documents, the agency will contact you which will more than likely delay the processing of your application. The application process can take anywhere between 2-5 business days as there can sometimes be delays that are out of the agency’s control (ie waiting on return phone calls from references, previous landlord or your employer, as well as waiting for supporting documents or waiting for the owner's decision on your application against other applications that may have been received). If you are applying for a property, it’s a great idea to let your references know that they will be expecting a call from the agent.

If you want to know how your application is processing, call and ask for an update.

About the Author

Sian McDonald has been working in real estate for more than three years and is the friendly person you first meet when you visit or call the Empire Estate Agents team in Victoria Park. Sian is energetic, knowledgeable, and fun offers amazing customer service and epitomises the Empire ethos of being everyday heroes...going beyond.

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“Everyday heroes…going beyond.”


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