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Gavin Sharpe

Senior Property Consultant

Gavin’s ability to listen and communicate, combined with his analytical insight makes him well-placed to provide clients with an effective sales process that delivers fantastic results. It is well known that during Ancient times, the Egyptians used maths, science and logic to build the great Pyramids and, just like his alter ego Stats Man, Gavin is equipped with the ability to employ all these skills in delivering great experiences to his clients with a welcomed depth of meaningful insight.

Gavin’s experience gives him a lot of flexibility to deal with all types of situations, such as difficult super-foes and unexpected real estate encounters. His utility belt is well-equipped to conquer giant challenges and to simply get things done. True to the powers of his alter ego, he relies on his communication skills and technology, strength and intelligence, and most importantly analytical insight, to help guide client decision-making.

Joining Empire in 2016, he is Empire’s inventive genius, graduating with advanced degrees in Marketing and Psychology (with a specific interest in buyer behaviour), Gavin has developed his knowledge across many industries and through building his own property portfolio.

Just like Stats Man, he is well respected in the business world and able to command people’s attention having, over the years, built up extensive property and buyer knowledge. Loyalty and ethics are very important to Gavin and he knows that the little things don’t go un-noticed by his clients. 

Gavin believes ongoing physical and intellectual training is important for self-development whether it’s on the court or at the negotiating table. In his spare time, he loves playing beach volleyball, basketball and running, and of course spending quality time with his friends and family.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

Mobile: 0411 106 074

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