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Heather Albertsen

Senior Property Manager

Heather is none other than Empire’s own Wonder Woman! Empire’s Property Management humble hero, born with powers from the Gods, she has worked hard to hone her skills until they are completely mastered. Heather has taken on Property Management at Empire like a true Amazon, using her skills in understanding, strength and resolve to assist her award-winning superhero team.

Using her alter-ego’s attention to detail allows Heather the ability to make sure everything is in order, nothing has been overlooked, and every task is completed to a high standard. Heather has an easygoing nature, which allows her to better connect with clients and provide the highest quality customer service.

With over 7 years of experience in Property Management, just like her Amazonian counterpart, Heather is able to be fair and compassionate, as well as firm and resolving when she needs to be. This allows her high moral compass to maintain strong client relationships and align with the Empire ethos of ‘clients for life’.

Heather uses her super-human strength to understand and manage different situations, people and expectations with ease. Loving the ever-changing Property Management landscape and always being on-the-go, Heather is always ready to tackle whatever situation is thrown at her.

When Heather isn’t out fighting crime as Wonder Woman, she loves spending her downtime in nature. Whether it’s taking the boat out on a sunny day for fishing, going for a picnic, or doing some R&R whilst camping - Heather is already there!

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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