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Joseph The

Strata Manager

Motivated and passionate, Joseph is a key member of the Empire Strata Management team. True to the powers of his alter ego, Doctor Strange, Joseph has a helping nature combined with intuition and creativeness that enables him to venture into all situations with a can-do confidence and attitude.

Joseph is always striving for excellence and focuses on ensuring he is ready to help his Owners and Strata Management team members. The added benefit of Joseph’s diverse role is that it allows him to help in multiple different scenarios to help others, not dissimilar to that which drives Doctor Strange to travel through different timelines fearlessly to save the universe.

Known as one of the greatest neurosurgeons, like Dr Strange, Joseph is similar in his extensive knowledge of buildings, with a Masters in Architecture.

As a Multi-Disciplinary Strata Manager, Joseph is able to focus on going above and beyond and to do what is right for people. When the going gets tough he knows he has the support of his team, similar to how Doctor Strange has the support of the Kamar-Taj when in need. Joseph believes that magic is only as strong as your imagination, so being able to conjure up alternative methods to solving problems is always helpful.

When not at the Empire office or venturing the galaxies, Joseph likes to go out and have a good time with his friends, try out new bakeries around Perth, and go to the gym.


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