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Maria Pace

Senior Property Manager

Joining the Empire team in 2008 Maria has been organising, adapting to and supporting the needs of staff and clients for many years. Maria’s ability to adapt to the needs of the situation means that she is well placed to get prospective tenants zooming into their new homes.

Always prepared, Maria draws her talents from those of alter ego Wonder Woman. Like Wonder Woman, Maria is ready to drop everything and help those in need especially when it comes to the stressful and tricky part of moving home. She will gladly put what she is doing on hold to help a tenant, team member or support a client. She can always be relied upon to help when the going gets tough and often to pave the way to make the journey smoother for everyone.

When not at work or fighting crime in the skies above the city, Maria enjoys spending time with her family and friends and making the best of the beautiful city and surrounding suburbs in which she lives and works.


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