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Phil Horner

General Manager

Part Bruce Wayne, part Batman… Phil is Empire’s management hero, embodying personal drive and physical strength allows him to support the Empire team and clients in a moment’s notice (without the need to put out the bat signal!).

Using his alter-ego’s analytical skills, intellect and access to the latest gadgets allows Phil to tackle with ease whatever situation is thrown at him. It’s well know that Bruce Wayne has no inherent superhuman powers; like Phil he relies on his own scientific knowledge, drive and detective skills to handle any situation, cut through the mess and deliver support to people who need their primary asset looked after effectively.

Just like Batman, who shies away from the spotlight, he chooses to step up and fight crime, with an unwavering moral compass and powers to do good, no matter how big or small the issue, he guides the team through obstacles with deductive abilities, empathy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment.

Batman has a love for humanity, which Phil embodies in how he communicates with people, coupled with being resourceful, dependable and persistent makes an unstoppable combination. On any given day when liaising with Phil, you will be drawn to his willingness to go the extra mile and ability to always be strong, optimistic and guide each team member to their fullest potential.

Phil faces challenges head-on and provides support to the Property Management team so they can do their jobs effectively and efficiently and have fun while they do so.

When the Bat cape isn’t on you will find Phil enjoying his bat mobile vehicle that can go anywhere, indulging in cooking shows (every hero has to eat!) spending quality time with his kids, friends and family, heading to Lancelin for some R&R or enjoying time in the garden.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400

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