Property Manager

Ryan has been working in real estate for over 5 years and has navigated so many different scenarios that his Spidey senses only need to tingle for him to know that something demanding his people skills are needed.

Ryan is a natural people person with a passion for properties, a great deal of patience and a fine sense of humour.  His curious nature when combined with a drive to give his all to be your friendly neighbourhood Property Spider Manager, make him ideally suited to his role at Empire.

Ryan is committed to doing the right thing by his clients and is privileged to help them achieve their property goals, looking after the rights of each and supporting them to make the rental/investment process as smooth and as straight forward as possible. His innate sense of wanting to help people, natural good humour and adaptable manner have made him a great asset to Empire. Combine these features with enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, healing and agility, means he has people and property well covered.

With great power comes great responsibility and Ryan never lets the fear of striking out, keep him from always looking after his fellow superheroes and the homes he is cared to protect. When he’s not swinging from home to home or helping and meeting people, Ryan likes a good old fashioned BBQ with friends, you will find he is always having a laugh…. and of course some downtime with his partner Hannah, his son Ben and his two dogs, Pip & Gus…because every superhero needs recharge time.


Phone: (08) 9262 0400