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At Empire we are the Superheroes of checklists, as Perth Property Managers and Real Estate Agents, no day is ever the same! Our check sheets and planning brings us focus and regularity in our day.

Sitting at the forefront of the action at the Empire office, a clean and organised space brings me calmness and happiness.

The term spring cleaning has evolved over time from being a tidy up around the home to be a metaphor for life. Spring is now an opportunity to sanity check the important things in your life. It acts now, more as a calendar reminder than it does a literal concept.

I find in the property cycle that ‘things’ seem to happen annually, meaning once a year is a great time for Owners and Tenants to perform a spring clean on their home. Some of this can be literal, and some not so literal. Let’s go through a list of things you should check at least once a year.

1. Insurance: Spring marks the start of some crazy weather as the season changes, check that you have the correct insurance for not only building and contents but vehicles, valuable possessions and life.

2. Trees & Gutters: It’s great getting outside when your there ensure trees haven’t started to overgrow and the gutters don’t need cleaning. Autumn has started late so gutters can continue to fill with leaves and debris at the start of Spring.

3. Maintenance & Upgrades: Spring is a busy moving and selling period, before the busy season starts, take the time to make repairs or update furniture and fittings.

4. Exterior Clean: an external clean of the house is generally overlooked, however in our experience a good wash down of the exterior of a property, once a year is a good idea, to eliminate the build-up of dust.

5. The Professionals: When was the last time you had a Building, Pest or Compliance inspection? Your Property Manager conducts periodic inspections on the property during the year, but these are just visual inspections. Your Property Manager is not a builder, electrician or qualified pest inspector, so there may be a chance they could miss the early signs of a pest invasion or timber erosion.

We hope you take a spring break, have a cuppa and enjoy our spring checklist.

Remember a clean place makes a happy space.

Do you need help with your rental property? Give Jamie Horner our Licensee a call on (08) 9262 0400 or 0403 305 023, she would be happy to assist with ANY of your Property Management queries. Our experienced Property Managers are happy to use their wealth of experience to assist you in your property investment journey.

About the Author

Gemma has worked with a client and customer service focus for over 3 years and is the friendly person you first meet when you visit or call the Empire Estate Agents team in Victoria Park. Gemma has great organisation skills and a can-do attitude, bright, bubbly and always willing to help, and epitomises the Empire ethos of being everyday heroes…going beyond


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