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Tenants Appreciation

We appreciate our tenants for how wonderful they area, each month we meet to discuss our tenants and each Property Manager nominates their tenant of the month. Every month it’s a battle with so many great tenants to chose from…here are just a few.

Cal & Jess from Como, they are wonderful tenants that landscaped the large backyard, have good inspections and rent is paid on time. The gift is an outdoor bbq for them to enjoy the lovely gardens they created.

Lois from Beckenham who has been an amazing long-term tenant at Empire, having rented two homes from Empire she is part of the Empire family and is a wonderful tenant that turns every garden into an amazing Oasis.

Craig and Zeinab have been in their home for over 10 years, the property is always clean and tidy, they have painted and also have done up the garden, we hope they enjoy the movie passes to take the whole family out.

Peter is a fantastic tenant whose rent is always on time, inspections are perfect and have also been very patient with the outstanding maintenance from the builders.

Erin and Jordan are first-time renters and have been chosen because the property is clean and tidy, they advise on maintenance and rent is always on time and because of their all round general awesomeness!

James and Toni have leased two homes from Empire and have always had perfect inspections, reported maintenance, full bond returned back, immaculate presentation, rent always ahead, are lovely and easy to deal with.

Noel & Jennifer from Gosnells who are one of our longest term tenants, the property is always very clean, rent always on time, and has always communicated wonderfully on maintenance and necessary items.

For John from Nollamara for going above and beyond what is expected, he also landscaped new gardens throughout and has perfect inspections.

"Dear Celene & The Rest of the Empire Team, Thank you so very much for the beautiful cookbook and gift certificates – we were really moved by your generous gifts"
"Hi Kylie, Gotta thank you for your input to my recent gift from Empire Estate Agents. I was overwhelmed to receive such a generous gift and will use the proceeds to make an impact in the garden so that it resembles the jungle it used to be. I will endeavor to be the best tenant you have on your books and this will contribute to that effort. Best Regards, J Parker"
"Hi Kylie, what a great surprise last night! Firstly, thanks to you for presenting us to your team Kylie and your team for choosing us as renters of the month. It’s pretty cool, we were unaware you ran something like this, we’ve never heard of anything like it in our decade of renting. The gifts were really thoughtful, right up our alley. We don’t typically get out to little shops like Angove Street Collective, too tempting, so this’ll be a nice excuse to go. Thanks for making the time to come down and show your appreciation too. Cheers. J Rutherford & TNaera"


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