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Driven by Maria

Verdie loves her work in real estate and wouldn't have any other job. Nicknamed 'my little Italian' by driver Maria, Verdie's agility and flexibility mean that she can handle the busy lifestyle she has chosen with ease.

"Maria and I were just made for each other. She loves classic oldies, so do I. She is tidy and organised, so am I. She likes to keep busy but chill with friends or along the coast, so do I. It is a perfect partnership.

When we first started working together I was concerned about how I would keep my secret identity under wraps. It all came to light one day when she heard me talking to Enrico in the car park. I'm glad it did as it was Maria who came up with the green disguise. She protects my identity and I protect her as we weave in and out of traffic."

Although she keeps her days busy with work and family, Verdie dreams of a family holiday in Italy and Paris where she can put her elastic super powers to good use amongst the drivers of the famous 13 entrance roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe. With no lane markings and no lines, these cars could do with a dose of Verdie's organisation. Phone: 08 9262 0400


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