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Strata Management Fees in Western Australia

Written by Jamie Horner Strata management fees can be confusing to navigate. There’s no industry standard—and they…

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Before you buy into a strata scheme…what you need to know

Written by Jamie Horner For those new to it, Strata ownership can be an adjustment. Some people…

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Choosing the RIGHT Strata Management company: Why you should choose a Licensed Real Estate Agency

Co-written: Donna Gordin, Ashleigh Goodchild, Leah Johnson and Jamie Horner There is always a degree of risk…

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Strata communities coming together in tough times

Written by Daryl Hartman – Senior Strata Manager – Empire Estate Agents Humans are innately social creatures….

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Being a Good Strata Neighbour

Written by Julie George – Senior Strata Manager For many of us, living in shared spaces like…

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9 Tips for Choosing a Great Property Manager

Written by Maria Pace Why is finding a good Property Manager hard work? The Net Promoter Score…

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Is your strata complex self-managed? How the new laws will affect you

Written by Jamie Horner Our strata team at Empire Estate Agents recognises that a growing number of…

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New WA Strata Laws: A summary of the things you need to know

Written by Jamie Horner STRATA is a form of ownership where a single parcel of land is…

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Strata Garbage Handling Tips

Garbage in Strata Complexes In recent years, the increase in rubbish and waste output became problematic for…

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