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Turn my frown upside down


July 2017

It started as a typical tradies Friday morning, up at 6 am slam some breakfast down and off to my first job in Rockingham for a 7.30 start. I was leaving Willetton and was going against the peak hour traffic so I thought about 40/45 mins to get there. Problem is if you are early to the first job or two in the morning it is not appreciated,  at any other time of day that would be fine but you don’t want to meet a customer who is not dressed and has not had time to brush their teeth.

So I ended up sitting on the side of the road waiting in my car in the pouring rain for 20mins. (not happy) Well, the job was a quick one but as soon as I was in the car and off to the next job the next customer called and cancelled, now that annoyed me because the only reason I had booked the two jobs in was to make it worth my while travelling to Rockingham. The travel between jobs can really kill you in my business. (little bit grumpy) This now created a different drama, the next job was not due till after 10 am, I was south of Perth and about to hit peak hour traffic at 8.15am on the freeway and I would be early to my next job and have to wait again (grumpy now) I was trying to work out how to save my day when I remembered that Jamie from Empire Estate Agents had asked to call in and see her next time I was near the office, she did not say what for and I was unsure if there was an issue or not, but I figured to make the best of a bad start and go and say gidday. Empire run a really professional outfit and I love working for them, we have even noticed that their tenants are happier in general when it comes to booking in service calls and that says a lot about how they go about their business.

The office was lit up and most of the staff already at work before 9 am when I arrived and said hi to Sian at the reception. What happened next left me speechless for a bit and turned my “frown upside down”. My small electrical business has worked with Empire for many years and we “won” contractor of the month award!! (I did not even know there was an award) This consisted of a bottle of scotch, a $50.00 movie voucher, and a card thanking us for our hard work signed by all the staff at Empire. Bloody awesome idea that really made me feel special and appreciated and my staff got a real kick out of it as well, although I kept the bottle and voucher for myself.

Thanks to Jamie and all the staff at Empire, we appreciate your business

Terry Marshall
Trance Electrical