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Written by Jamie Horner

At Empire we strive to be your Everyday Hero that Goes beyond, its great to say but for us its imperative we DO!.

The team at Empire are everyday people but how do we whisk on a cape and throw on a mask to provide a superhero experience and how do we know we are delivering?

It is your valued feedback that allows our team to adapt, change and plan professional development and training that ensures continuous improvement. Our Property Management and Strata Management Owners and Tenants are annually asked to evaluate our performance and ensure our service is tracking well above the average Real Estate Benchmarking scores.

Unfortunately, the Real Estate Industry benchmark is at minus 39 as a Net Promoter score, so not only do we aim to greatly exceed that marker but we aim to mix it with the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Disney and Apple.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the key measures we use to measure our client satisfaction, and this score can range from minus 100 to 100, with client-centric companies  achieving averages well above their industry benchmark

  • Amazon has an NPS of 69, which is 30% more than its industry average

  • Apple has an NPS of 72, which is 40 points above its industry average of 32

  • Empire has a 2018 NPS of 56 for Owners and 55 for Tenants, which is 90 points above the real estate industry average

A summary of our survey results can be found in the adjacent infographic and results from key questions to Owners and Tenants can be seen below.

There are no one-size fits all approach to client service in property and strata management, so how do we ensure that we hit the mark?

  • Processes and checklists as….success is in the details

  • We take complaints and mistakes very seriously and between us, we have more than 85 years of property management experience…that’s a lot of mistakes to learn from.

  • Change – when an error or mistake arises that can affect our clients we change our processes to ensure they don’t happen again

  • Individual – every home, Owner, Tenant and Strata complex is different, so whilst we have processes we equip ourselves with the communication skills to deliver and provide individual service that exceeds expectation

The most important tool we have to ensure we are living by our mission and delivering is your feedback.

Our Property Managers and Management team read every response and take particular note of individual comments So thank you for contributing to our learning and continuous improvement.

“Everyday heroes…going beyond”

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