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Gemma Murphy

Reception & Administration

Gemma is a natural people person with a passion for assisting others, she has great instincts and an easy going nature. Her friendly manner, combined with superhero ability of control, awareness and order make her ideally suited to her role as Receptionist and Administrator at Empire.

She is a true Guardian of the Empire Galaxy, just like her alter ego Mantis, she understands how people feel and can read people’s feelings through contact and alter their emotions. Gemma’s unique ability to adapt to the needs of the situation means that she is well placed to give clients the best quality service.

Her natural need for order, helpful and adaptable manner have made her a great asset to the company.

Always at the forefront of action at the office, Gemma’s empathetic abilities allow her to calm people down in difficult situations and assist with superhuman efficiency and control. Her superhuman reflexes and ability to multitask with ease means that even with her full attention on one challenge, she is still able to maintain focus on other areas to ensure the office is running smoothly.

Whilst people may underestimate her alter-ego’s powers, she has attained a mastery of disciplines, is highly capable and can heal others through sheer force of will. Gemma has an amazing willingness to help, whether it be assisting clients or helping out a team member in need.

Given every superhero needs to recharge, she is a true lover of the power nap and super sleep! When not at work Gemma likes to set off on adventures with friends or get out in the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city with her partner or on the couch with a great TV series.


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