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Julie George

Senior Asset Manager

Julie is our super speedy and wonderfully efficient Wonder Woman, Julie has the ability to multitask to great effect while still giving each person the sense that they have her full attention.  As a Senior Strata Manager & Property Manager, a role she has held at Empire for a great many years, Julie looks after the ever-changing needs of strata owners, landlords and tenants alike and has so for nearly 10 years.

Julie’s natural easy going nature, helpful and adaptable manner have made her a great asset to the company. Her leadership skills, analytical thinking and her super strength and flexibility have made her a great asset to the company as she flies through any challenge.

Like her alter ego Wonder Woman, Julie is unstoppable, strong, resilient, not deterred by a challenge.  Her drive to deliver combined with her love of working with people and supporting them for the best results make her a real superhero to Empire clients.

When not flying through our office and the Perth metropolitan suburbs, she loves spending time with her family, coffee with friends, travelling, movies and pilates.

Phone: (08) 9262 0400


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