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Most people can't tell the difference between a property manager and a strata manager. However, the two are not similar at all and have totally different roles. Property managers are tasked with the responsibility of looking after single properties on behalf of the owners. They perform tasks and duties such as finding a tenant, conducting property checks to ensure that they remain in good condition, act as liaisons between owners and tenants, and they collect rent.

On the other hand, a strata manager in Perth takes care of a block of property such as apartments. He or she is responsible for ensuring that all the administration is kept accurate and up to date, maintenance, and ensuring insurance and legal compliance. They assist the residents of the building by handling any concerns or disputes they may have.

With that introduction, let's breakdown the roles of a strata manager into three main categories.

These categories are:


The responsibilities of a strata manager includes but are not limited to:

  • Dealing with everything regarding the complex. This includes correspondence from outside the building such as requests for information from potential buyers, as well as those from the building owner and the residents.

  • Maintenance of the property -- a strata manager arranges for the building to be repainted, ensures that the lifts are working properly, and if they are not, organises for repair or replacement, keeps the pool clean, building defects, amongst other things.

  • Insurance - He or she arranges insurance options, submits claims and makes follow ups on them.

  • Communicating with owners -- He or she is responsible for levying maintenance contributions, and serving notices of meetings and notices.

  • Archiving of all records -- He or she maintains detailed records of logs on all work done on the property, names and contact details of the owner, among other things.


They are also responsible for:

  • Issuing strata levy notices and receipting payments.

  • Preparing budgets and quotes for major projects or any works that is supposed to be done to the apartment.

  • Preparing annual administration and reserve levy budgets

  • Ensures that the right insurance is taken on the building and that it remains current and up to date.


Strata managers are also responsible for mediating disputes, enforcing rules around the common property, confirming lot boundaries and common property and amending by-laws where necessary.

Noise and neighbours, parking, smoking and pets, your Strata Manager assists with all of these.

There are many more duties of a strata manager that we have not discussed. These are among the main ones.

Strata Managers in Perth

Empire Estate Agents are serious about giving expert strata management services. They have the most experienced strata management professionals in Perth. They become more acquainted with your complex and take the time with Owners to clarify any worries, then centre around discovering the issues in an opportune proactive way and having them settled.

Should you have any inquiries, or wish to discuss anything related to your property with your Strata Manager, contact Empire Estate Agents today.

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