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Written by Jamie Horner & Daryl Hartman

Strata fees, also known as levies, are a general contribution that is usually paid quarterly to the strata companies bank account. The fees to be paid are used for the funding of ongoing expenses, like insurance, cleaning, gardening, building maintenance, plumbing works, etc.

There are three major types of strata levies:

Administrative fund levies – This type of strata levies covers the daily running expenses of the building, like, cleaning, electricity, gardening, plumbing, annual insurance, and electrical work. This fund is required to be sufficient for the control and management of the common property.

Special Levies – The Special levies come to use in case of emergency expenses or some unexpected expenses. These are used from time to time to get the major works done. If the capital works fund doesn’t have sufficient money to cater to the expenses.

Capital work fund levies – or reserve levies are used to cover the repairs and maintenance for a long-term duration and other major expenses. A strata reserve fund is established for the purpose of accumulating funds to meet contingent expenses (other than those of a routine nature). These expenses include things like painting and major works.

What is the average strata levy?

When you plan on buying a strata property, there are plenty of things you pay attention to. There is no specific legal requirement in relation to figures that are asked when setting the strata fees., however, the fund is required to be sufficient to manage and maintain the common property. The annual levies which are administered upon the property can range considerably but are generally 0.6% to 1.2% of the property’s value in a case where the complex offers facilities, such as pools, gyms, lifts, etc. The annual levies for units, villas, townhouses, and apartments with few or minimal facilities generally fall between 0.2% and 0.6%.

How are strata levies calculated?

Strata levies are decided by a simple majority vote at an Annual General Meeting. So how much should your complexes strata levies be?

  • When you wish to draw a comparison on the strata fees, you must compare the strata complex with one of that is equivalent in size and common area size and facilities. Take into consideration everything from the size and height of the building, lighting, parking, to water provision.

  • Higher levies are also generally administered in older strata buildings, this is due to the extra maintenance which is required over time. The complexes determine their levies basis on their condition. Well-maintained complexes are more likely to hold better values of resale as well as generate a higher rental income.

What is your portion of the strata levy?

The strata company is required to establish a fund that is sufficient for the control and management of the common property. Once an amount is determined, the strata company will raise the required amount by levying contributions on the Owners, in proportion to the unit entitlement. An individual Lots unit entitlement determines an Owners equity in the scheme, voting power and contribution amount to levies and can be found on the strata plan.

What services are generally offered?

Insurance, gardening, cleaning, employing a strata manager and security, such as entrance gates are some of the general services covered in strata levies. Facilities encompassing gym, pool, spa, concierge and lifts may be enticing but these come with higher levies. The outlay in the strata budget of hiring a strata manager can save huge amounts of money in terms of ensuring the complex adheres to its legislative requirements, financial accounting and investment protection.

A quality Strata Manager has excellent communication skills and will provide knowledge and experience to assist in the management of your complex.   If you are in search of an award-winning and pro-active Strata management company in Perth, then contact the team at Empire Estate Agents. The simple fee structure and streamlined strata management service offered by Empire provides Owners a guarantee of service with a no-fuss no lock-in contacts. The team is focused on proactive quality service and with more than two decades of experience, is well aware of the intricate details important for adept quality strata management.

About the Authors

Jamie Horner and Daryl Hartman have been in the real estate and strata industry for over 30 years and are part of the Empire Perth Strata Management Team. As a Strata Manager at the Empire office in Victoria Park, Daryl & Jamie have a diverse set of skills, liaising and assisting Lot owners and the care of the common area and strata complex. Daryl works closely with the council of owners, lot owners and managing agents of the strata complexes they manage in Perth to ensure that they are satisfied with how the complex is managed.

If you have also had a new strata development in Perth, the Empire team is experienced in taking your strata management development from concept to registration and beyond.

Need more information or can we help you with any other of your Strata Management questions? Feel free to call and speak to us Empire Estate Agents to have a chat on (08) 9262 0400 or email or

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