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Kate Markham

Strata Manager

Always ready to give a helping hand, Kate is a key member of the Empire Strata Management team. True to the powers of her alter ego, Jessica Jones, Kate has an empathetic nature - combined with expert intelligence and investigating skills - that enables her to venture into all situations with a can-do confidence and attitude.

Using her alter-ego’s superhuman strength and durability, Kate tackles all situations thrown at her with ease. Kate’s drive to create harmony and satisfaction within strata schemes allows her to cut through the mess and deliver clear, beneficial outcomes for all of her strata owners.

With more than 15 years experience in property, Kate has been passionate about property for many years, she is able to focus on going above and beyond and to do what is right for people. When talking to Kate, you will be drawn to her warmth, proactivity and willingness to go the extra mile.

When the detective badge isn’t on, you will find Kate traveling to new places, challenging herself to try new things, spending time at the beach or enjoying time with friends and family.

Phone (08) 9262 0400


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