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Salina Ng

Residential & Commercial Support Services

Salina joined the Empire team in early 2008. With some training in real estate under her belt, Salina started at Empire in the role of Administration and Sales, and in order to fully complement her skills, Salina undertook the role of Residential and Commercial Support Services. Her natural open-minded approach to work and her unwavering patience has made her ideally suited to the role.

Salina draws on her alter ego Storm to ensure that she remains calm and can handle potentially volatile situations with skill and control. Like Storm, Salina sees all, has an indomitable will (something that is most often seen in her attention to detail and drives to deliver only the very best results) and excellent control over her domain.

Some say she can read minds, such is her ability to keep ahead of what is needed and be prepared to act when the need arises. When not in the office, Salina can most often be found relaxing and playing with her nieces and nephews, she loves being outdoors - although she remains ever alert to the needs of others.



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