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WARNING: Crime Gangs Targeting Perth Landlords - Empire Estate Agents

Unfortunately its a warning from Consumer Protection WA about Cannabis growing crime gangs targeting Perth landlords. Alarmingly there are also a large number of reports in the media lately on Drug Labs in WA including meth and cannabis labs.

“We understand the gangs tend to set everything up very quickly and can harvest as soon as 3 months later”

Many of the problems are not visible to the naked eye such as the toxic cooking residues penetrating the walls. For Owners, the result is a loss of rent and massive clean-up bill to go along with your headache, with costs estimated above $38,000 for a meth lab clean up.

Are you proactively protecting your investment property and are you protected should this happen to you?

You can take steps to prevent this happening, such as

  1. Conducting thorough checks on any ingoing tenants

  2. The first routine inspection to be conducted in the first four to six weeks.

  3. Testing kits, for items such as suspected meth labs, can be purchased and used if you are suspicious of any activity.

  4. Do you have Landlord Insurance and if so, does it cover these events?

Landlords who suspect their property is being used for illegal purposes should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 immediately. Enquiries about what they can do under tenancy laws can be made to Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54

Ensure you are protected! Contact your Perth Property Manager about proactive and preventive measures you can take.

Source: Consumer Protection WA – more details are also available at

About the Author

Jamie Horner is the Licensee at Empire Estate Agents, with over 20 years of experience in Property Management and Strata Management in Peth, Jamie and the ‘Everyday Heroes…Going Beyond’ at Empire Estate Agents help owners to navigate all their property investment queries.

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